5 Tips For Getting Your Home Ready To Sell

       One of the single most important things to do before your home goes on the market is getting it ready to sell. This may seem like common knowledge however it is a step in the selling process a lot of homeowners neglect to do. Getting your home ready to sell is an inexpensive and easy thing to do that will maximize your chances of a quick and smooth sale.

  1. Declutter

Decluttering your home helps to enhance the space and make it look even bigger. Decluttering includes removing all personal items (i.e. photos, personal homewares, etc.) or even cluttered storage. This provides potential buyers with an opportunity to picture themselves living there.

  1. Clean, clear surfaces

Clearing any excess items in each room of the house helps your home look organized and presentable. A huge focus of this step is on the kitchen and bathroom countertops; Buyers want to imagine where they will put store their own stuff, that gets hard to imagine when seeing someone else’s personal items. 

  1. Quick fixes and TLC

Purchasing a home is a big decision, that means potential home buyers want to make sure that the previous home owners took proper care of the house. Doing some quick fixes such as paint touch ups, cleaning the windows, spraying WD40 on all hinges and ensuring everything is in good working order is recommended. When buyers are walking through your home, they will be estimating how much work needs to be done which ultimately impacts their offer. These quick fixes and TLC help minimize the amount of work required and buyers will leave happy.

  1. Create Ease of Movement

Removing any extra furniture will help create more open areas and promote easy foot traffic through your home.

  1. Staging

Hiring a stager is the best way to help highlight the homes best features in the rooms. Stagers help set a purpose in each space making it more appealing for buyers. With the stager incorporating new home décor and furniture, this helps make your home more visually and emotionally appealing to buyers.

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