How Can Digital Marketing Sell My Home?

Digital marketing helps sell your home because more of the right people see your home for sale.

It’s not just anybody that’s seeing the advertisements, its hand picked audiences that are most likely to purchase your home.

We do this by creating one or two buyer profiles of the “Perfect Buyer” for your home.  A Buyer profile is a list information that covers the “Perfect Buyer’s” interests, hobbies, what industry they work in, relationship status, kids or no kids, where they currently live, recent search history etc.

We then create an ad that sticks out by using our professional photo’s and video’s of your home and description that highlights all the selling features of your home that will appeal to the “Perfect Buyer”.

This eye-poping ad is then shown to people who fit the “Perfect Buying Profile”. This ad is shown to them again and again. Which increases the chances if them booking a showing dramatically. The more showings, you more likely you are to sell your home, and for a higher price!

In addition to the advertisements, your home is placed for sale on multiple websites and platforms, including the two most poplar websites buyers use, & You also find it on,,, craigslist, Facebook Market Place etc. An active buyer will find your home no matter what platform they are searching on! 


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