Here are some Ideas to help increase the Value of your home!

Keep Your Home Clean

Yes this is pretty obvious, but not everyone does this perfectly. Properties that
are spotless will stand out to buyers after looking at multiple homes.
Keeping your home clean will also extend the life of things, like flooring, paint
and help you maintain the value of your home.
Get rid of your junk now to help profit later.

Curb Appeal Counts

Ask yourself, does my home have a certain appeal to it? Does it look
structurally sound, and attractive?
Try and get rid of the negative and work on the positive things about your
home. Making those more noticeable and attractive to the eye, will no doubt
help bring more appeal to potential buyers when you do decide to put your
home on the market. Take some time to talk to your neighbors because this affects them to. Curb
appeal doesn’t just stop at your property line. If everyone pays attention to
this then your home will have more value because of it and so will your

Small improvements can pay off

Have you thought about the differences between improving your homes decor,
versus making upgrades you know will increase your home’s resale value?
Doing a little bit of both can pay off.
Make a list of upgrades for your home and upgrades for yourself. Then go
through the list and try and even out how many you do of each. This takes
away from picking a random project and doing it. This gives you more
structure to what your doing and making yourself more happy in the
process and bringing more value to your home.

One room at a time

Having trouble dating on task with a project or not knowing where to start?
Make a list of what each room needs to have done and then break it down into
categories of how much time you need and cost.
The more planning you have around it the more likely you are to get it done. If
you know how much time and money it will cost to paint your bathroom this
Saturday, you’re more likely to get it done then if you are still deciding what
project to tackle at noon.
Get your dreams for your house started today by making list of the
improvements you want done

Hire a certified home inspector

Don’t know where to start with a list? Hire a reputable home inspector to do
an inspection report. They will tell you what needs to be fixed and you might
get some tips to fix small things yourself and save some cash.
If you end up selling you will know what a potential buyer might find when
they do their own due diligence on your home. If you fix any problems before
selling, it will help prevent a deal coming apart at the last minute.

Staging your home

If you do decide to sell your home, before putting your home on the market
consider having a consultation with a professional home stager. They will give
some tips on how to stage the property for modern tastes and if you choose
to hire them, they will do all the work to make your home the most appealing
to buyers in today’s market.

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