DIY Mason Jar Lights are a quick easy way to change up the lighting in your home


  • (1) large mason jar
  • Electrical cord set
  • Lightbulb


  • Hammer and nails
  • Pliers
  • hanging hook
  • Optional: metallic spray paint and


  1. Take your mason jar apart. With a pen, trace the circle of the socket on the back lid of your mason jar.
  2. Take your hammer and nail and perforate small holes around the circle. Punch a hole in the middle and use pliers to snap the circle out of the lid.
  3. Optional: spray paint the socket part of the cord with metallic spray paint, as well as the top of the lids.
  4. Once dry, take the mason jar lid that you had punched the large hole from and punch a ring of small holes around the large empty circle. This will allow heat to escape from your mason jar lamp.
  5. Take your socket and put the screw ring around it. Wedge your mason jar lid on top.
  6. Screw in your lightbulb.
  7. Place the light inside the mason jar, and use the mason jar screw top to screw it together.

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